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Gnudi Day 1

Yes, you read that correctly "Gnudi" which is pronounced "nu-dee".  We made these little bits of delicousness. 

I devoted a good deal of class time to cheesemaking as this is a subject rich in science and a personal favorite. From protein structure to microbial ripening, we covered it all.  What better way to reinforce these concepts than to actually make some cheese!

Our 2-day cheesemaking experience was directed by Executive Chef Andrea Trapani from the Florence University of the Arts (FUA).  In addition to his position at FUA, Chef Trapani is also the head chef for Fiorentina–one of Italy's Seria A soccer teams.  You can see Chef Trapani giving the students a brief overview of fresh cheeses.

After some discussion we broke into two groups.  Our goal was to produced two different types of cheeses.  The first was Primo Sale–a cheese typical of Sicily or Sardinia.  Primo Sale means "first salt".  Primo sale is an operationally simple cheese only requiring pasteurized milk (sheep preferrably), heat, rennet, and some yogurt. The second cheese was a variation on the theme.  Because we were working on a rather short timescale (2 days), we essentially made primo sale but cooked the isolated curd in a warm (not hot) oven.  In this way we were able to "ripen" the cheese and impart a slighlty more acidic taste to the cheese.  Both cheeses were molded and set to rest until the next day.


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