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January 2017

We have a 2-year fully funded diversity postdoc position available.  The position begins during the fall 2017 but applications are due February 9th, 2017.  Click here for more information.  Please contact me if you are or someone you know is interested. 

Sept, 2015

Arijit's paper describing protein adsorption (or lack of adsorption!) on starch-containing hybrid polymers has been accepted!  Congrats Arijit and Allie!  

March, 2015

Iovine group attends ACS Denver.  Arijit and Allie present their work inside of POLY Division.  Allie wins "Best Paper in Undergraduate Polymer Research Award".  

Nov, 2013

Dr. Lisa Ryno's paper titled "Synthesis, Characterization, and Comparative Analysis of Amylose-Guest Complexes Prepared by Microwave Irradiation" has been accepted to Carbohydrate Reserach.  Congrats to Lisa and Yael Levine!

Jan, 2013

"The Science of Food and Cooking"  Florence Italy.  Read the course blog:

Aug 6, 2012

Dr. Peter M. Iovine is awarded the 2012 Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award.  In this 5-year award Dr. Iovine and his undergraduate research group will synthesize and study novel starch and amylose-based polymeric materials. Funding will support 8 undergraduate students.  

July 28, 2012

Gabriel Short and Jerry Sorriano present their summer research results at the NSF REU Theoretically Interesting Molecules Consortium meeting at Macalester College in Minnesota.  Well done!

June 18-21, 2012

Iovine group attends the 34th Reaction Mechanism Conference at the University of Missouri.  Dr. Iovine presents an invited lecture; Gabriel and Jerry participate in the NSF REU Theoretically Interesting Molecules Consortium Meeting (click here for NSF REU program website)

(Dr. Ron Brisbois leading the undergraduate context session at the 34th Reaction Mechanism Conf)