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Hybrid Materials from Biopolymers

Biopolymers are readily available, renewable, frequently biocompatible, and functional group rich.  We are interested in utilizing our strong foundation in organic and polymer chemistry to manipulate the structure of biopolymers in order to invent new hybrid materials.  We anticipate these new hybrid materials will exhibit interesting supramolecular chemistry as well as find practical applications as biomaterials.  


Organoboron Chemistry

We have a longstanding interest in organoboron chemistry.  Our particular focus inside of this large research space is the chemistry of boroxines–anhydrides of boronic acids.  Boroxine 6-member rings systems are assembled reversibly under mild conditions.  Their tripodal substitution pattern makes them ideal molecular scaffolds for the assembly of macromolecular architectures.  We seek to advance the utility of boroxines as core motifs in molecular architectures.  We seek to design and synthesize complex molecular designs that feature boroxines prominently and take advantage of their reversible assembly and Lewis acidty.

We have published several papers in this area.  Please use the links below to explore our work in organoboron chemistry: